1.1. The CUSTOMER will process his order through the WEBSITE or the APP, configuring the product, editing the images in the photo editor and finally purchasing it by clicking on the option “add my account” (available in the web version) that appears on each tab of product.
Once the selection of the product in the shopping cart is finished, the CUSTOMER must mark the option “confirm” and “Next stage”. In the App, the CUSTOMER will design their project and when it is finished, they must click on “Place an order” and follow the instructions indicated later.

1.2. In order to process the order, the CLIENT must complete a complete registration by filling in the data provided in the form provided for this purpose on the WEBSITE or the App, accepting, where appropriate, these contracting conditions and the privacy policy.

1.3. The prices indicated on the WEBSITE or the APP are expressed in euros including applicable taxes at any time. Shipping costs are exempt, except in the promotions explicitly detailed.
PHOTOFAVS reserves the right to modify these prices at any time. However, the products will be invoiced based on the rates in force at the time of the orders.

1.4. The CUSTOMER must verify the information displayed on the order placed and then select the payment method, provided on the WEBSITE or the App.

1.5. Once the purchase process is finished, the CUSTOMER will receive, at the email address indicated in the registration form, and an order confirmation communication.

1. For any information about the requested service, the CLIENT may contact via email through their CLIENT account on the WEBSITE or the App. In any case, the order number that was assigned and indicated in the email must be indicated. purchase confirmation email.

1.7. Likewise, the CUSTOMER may check the status of their order at any time by accessing “my account”.

1.8. The CLIENT will make the payment through the means offered by PHOTOFAVS on the WEBSITE or the App.

1.9. PHOTOFAVS does not have access to the bank data linked to the means of payment and does not know or record this data during the payment operation.


2.1. The shipping costs of the order will be added to the amount of the order during the placing of the order and before the payment of the order. It is possible that, depending on the amount of the order, the shipping costs may be free, depending on the conditions of particular promotions.

2.2. PHOTOFAVS will communicate to the CLIENT the estimated delivery time for each order in relation to the forecasts of the associated transport agencies.

23. It is up to the recipient to check the order at the time of delivery and then make all reservations and claims that the CUSTOMER deems justified.

2.4. The logistics management of the CLIENT’s orders corresponds to the companies contracted by PHOTOFAVS, for which reason PHOTOFAVS does not assume any responsibility derived from the breach of the obligations described in this clause due to an action or omission carried out by the logistics operator.

2.5. When PHOTOFAVS foresees that, for some reason, it will not be able to meet the delivery deadline corresponding to a certain order, it will contact the CUSTOMER to inform them of the situation.

2. COLLECTION POINTS. The CUSTOMER, at the time of completing the purchase, may decide the collection point that best suits their needs: from the traditional delivery to the shipping address provided by the customer through a transport company; or choosing from a list of collaborating collection points of PHOTOFAVS that will deliver the product to the CLIENT, previously identified.


3.1. The current legislation for the defense of consumers and USERS (Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws) contemplates in its Article 103. Letter c) that the right of withdrawal will not be applicable to the supply of goods made according to the specifications of the consumer and USER or clearly personalized.

3.2. PHOTOFAVS however, with the aim of giving full satisfaction to the CUSTOMER, grants a period of 10 days where the CUSTOMER can communicate their disagreement with the product by communicating it to info@PHOTOFAVS.es.

3.3 The CUSTOMER must return the product according to the instructions given by the Customer Service team so that the return is free for the CUSTOMER.

3.4. PHOTOFAVS will refund the amount of the product through the same payment method used by the CUSTOMER for the purchase of the product.uct within a maximum period of FOURTEEN (14) calendar days from receipt of the product sent by the CLIENT to PHOTOFAVS.

3.5 The return of the product must be made in its original packaging and in perfect condition, that is, not damaged or soiled by the CLIENT, and it will be sent to the place indicated by PHOTOFAVS in the instructions sent to the CLIENT. Likewise, the packaging must be fully and completely identified in order to know who the sender is.

3.6 The promotions, offers or discounts promoted by PHOTOFAVS will always attend to the content of the message that is transmitted. This fact implies that if PHOTOFAVS detects a technical error in its promotion, offer or discount issued through electronic means or through its WEBSITE, the SOFTWARE and the App, the USER or CLIENT will not be able to take advantage of a technological error to benefit from excessive form of the promotion, offer or discount, since in this case only the literal of the message will be understood as valid.